Hypermiling Terms

Getting With The Times And Hypermiling Terminology

Hypermiling Terms

 With the advent of hypermiling, especially after the Washington Post of August 2006 displayed a detailed story concerning it, we are seeing more and more hypermiling terms.  These include terms like hypermiling wiki, hypermiling.com, hypermiling yaris, hypermiling illegal, hypermiling driving, and many more.

But just what is hypermiling? it is a method of increasing your car's gas mileage by making intelligent modifications in the way you drive, allowing you to save gas and thereby coping a bit better with the rising oil and gas prices.

Of course, the basics should be kept in mind:

1.  Always consolidate your trips ie., running errands on your way to work

2.  Keep oil changes current

3.  Don't waste time searching for your destination - use a map or an online directional map

4.  Watch daily fuel prices as Mondays are usually bad and the middle of the week is better

5.  If you can, buy or rent a home close to your work

With the fuel crisis at full bore and little relief in sight, every motorist is feeling the hurt - although how they cope with it varies from driver to driver. For those accustomed to economizing the extreme times call for increased measures (like riding a bike to work and other errands). For others, the skyrocketing cost of gas can be taken as a necessary course of life.

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